On the 25th October 2019, Samuel Joseph shared with the world what the future holds for those who jumps onto the Bitcoin wagon.

Today, on his Birthday 🎉 we bring to you excerpts enjoy….

The story below:

Bitcoin's growth in its decade of existence had been hit with so crashes and had resurrected with super surprises, this situation always crash poses questions, whether the currency is going to die out of value, and will soon go to Zero (0).

Industry players like Mr Samuel Joseph Regional Manager of Coincola, refer to past incidents to debunk those speculations.

Continue reading here: https://www.ebitcoinics.com/home/single_news/MjIyNw==

The development team of the Primereum Ecommerce, EcoSystem is excited to announce the implementation of the Primereum token, better known as PRM token into the Eco System’s platform.

The Primereum Marketplace is one of the main functions of the Primereum Eco System. Retail and Wholesale merchants can list items to…

Man storms a Village in the North unannounced and shares 500 pineapples. He made sure every child in the town got his/her share.

But luck eluding some 25 of the children in the village. The pines got finished, Mr Abd Salam asked if the said children would love to wait for the next batch of pineapples or opt for money.

The birth of cryptocurrency opened doors which were somewhat closed to most or mainly the minority in the world.

Many of this minorities are found in various industries, health, and others.

And talking about health, currencies or cryptocurrencies of different kinds had sprung up, yet it takes but a few…

Have you been in this world long enough to work for a business or buy something from a business, you are aware that just about all of them have one thing in common, and what they have in common is a MISSION STATEMENT.

A company’s mission statement helps businesses to…

It is with no doubt that cryptocurrency is the future and can make a common man rich overnight but it is with no doubt that the same can bring you from whatever you have to nothing.

It is a clear fact that cryptocurrency trading is very volatile and you will…

  • Nawaf Abd Writes daily a life changing nugget to his following on Facebook. It is so good how he timeously puts the words together seeking to make his words sink in to the deepest parts of a man’s soul. We are going to share a nugget he uploaded this morning…

I am happy to announce to you that Bitcoin the mother of all cryptocurrencies just died the 414th time.

The cause of death is well known and we are glad it did so.
It is widely speculated that the so-called doge-father after a brawl on Twitter decided to put his…

May is a special month, for it is the month the African Crypto Lioness was birthed. We today would love to celebrate the Birth of DRich Doris with this throwback story.

Take a good read here: https://www.ebitcoinics.com/home/single_news/MjIzNA==

We wish the CryptoLioness a happy Birthday. Keep making us proud.

We present a good read about this wonderful young man.

Click on the link below to


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