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5 min readJun 3, 2020


Mostly we love to see what works and we love to enjoy the fulfilment it comes with, what we fail to notice is how these things we love affect our day to day lives. One thing about love is that it must reciprocate and appreciate our feeling.

We all fell in love with bitcoin because it had taken away one of the most dreaded parts of governance from the Government and had given it back to the governed, Bitcoin took the power of monetary censorship and had given it back to the governed.

It is delightful to acknowledge that now the Governed have the power to choose how, where, and when to spend money. It has also given us the power to choose how to transfer funds to our loved ones with much lower fees than previous ways., fast transactions, and had made monetary transactions borderless.

In Ghana to transfer fiat to India, one is required to pay 75% of what he/she is sending for the transactions to be admitted and will take 3–5 days for the transactions to reach its destinations. Bitcoin now provides a perfect alternative to what was and has given the governed the power to send millions of United States Dollars through Bitcoin and pay as low as Forty Cents.

A perfect example:

On the other hand, one will need a trusted platform/exchange to buy, sell, or send bitcoin, these platforms must be trustworthy enough to do away with censorship and to provide the safety and reliability a customer may need.

BuyCryptoSell is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange which uses escrow services to provide financial transactions through bitcoin worldwide between 2 parties. The escrow service comes to play when the parties agree to terms of trade at a particular time.

BuyCryptoSell is a global exchange that gives its users options to trade;

1. Privately

2. In countries with stringent laws on cryptocurrency, BCS is surely a platform to turn to

3. Payment method varies for each transaction which gives everyone the power to choose a trade that suits them.

BCS provides non-custodial wallet to customers, a reputation system to keep users in check and to confirm if they are truly who they say they are, and a forum both in house and on telegram to connect buyers and sellers.

Unlike similar exchanges that require one to verify their accounts with valid IDs and personal information, BuyCryptoSell does not require personal information when transaction with peers on the platform. You can buy bitcoin without connecting your personal info on the exchange, BuyCryptoSell provides a blind shield to protect its users.

Users of this platform are guaranteed an easy way to buy and sell to a currency of their choice, high liquidity without a buying limit. New users are assured of an easy way to transact and to afford them the chance to learn how to trade in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

BuyCryptoSell gives users the variety of payment methods which users are free to buy and sell using available methods presented by the seller at a location of the buyer. One disadvantage the company cautions about to its users should do well not to accept payments methods which can be reversed by the other party (Users of payment methods like Paypal can cause a reversal of a payment maliciously).

A user can trust BCS as it has employed all available regulations that a crypto-exchange needs to operate legally, even though it is just launched BCS has a track record of providing a leading crypto-advertising platform which can boast of over 24,000 users and has paid over 100 Bitcoins in revenue to its users.

The feedback rating system gives all users the chance to flag scammers and also to mark trustworthy users this forms part of extra security features. With its enhanced security features, a BCS provides a 2 layer transaction confirmation between parties a feature which to do alleviate scammers to from duping others of their funds. Even though it can be trusted users are to take into consideration and full control of their accounts.

Charges go from 0–1% on all trades transacted on Buycryptosell.

There are other exchanges that provide the same services like buycryptosell, yet many of them have come under strict criticism of Censorship and also taking total control over users funds without their consent and permission. A similar situation is when Bitcoin forked into bitcoin cash, the company decided not to support BCH and it swapped all BCH paid to its customers after the fork into bitcoin without their consent. This essentially stops such platforms from being a peer to peer a move away from their core mandate a situation that leaves such platforms to become obsolete to many.

With profitable associate rewards, one has the chance to share their referral links to friends, loved ones and business partners to sign up.

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