Chidi’s Advise — Focus, Don’t Borrow for…. And Don’t Compete.

April 8, 2019, the young African wrote on his Facebook timeline saying;

Thanks to Ethereum I cleared my school fees.

And yes he indeed responded saying is now financially free thanks to Cryptocurrency.

CryptoChidi Samuel shared with his following some 3 important Money Making rules that guided him through his Crypto journey till today.

Money rules:
1. Focus on increasing your income;
When it comes to handling money, many people aren’t sure exactly how to start and how to put their money to use. It is estimated that youth lag so much behind when it comes to investing as well as saving. Lacking the guts to make or take bold steps towards investment.
But there are opportunities in abundance, what one needs to do is to get the right circles.
There is a huge opportunity for the youth to learn and understand investing, understand the risk, and set up their investment portfolio to grow their wealth and income streams.

2. Stop borrowing for consumption;
Honestly, I started my crypto journey with less than the $10 I borrowed when I was about to buy bitcoin in 2017. To grow you need not borrow for consumption, you should rather make it a point to or build a base by making sure you have an emergency fund in a safe place. Borrowing is debt that will be paid in a time to come, but if you can invest in a profitable project or business you surely will be able to pay, and borrowing itself is something I will not suggest to anyone as it drains you most often than not. There are times what you borrow will force you to end up with nothing. I know of a man who nearly lost his family and life all because he borrowed more than what he could afford and also invested it in a consumable and a non-profitable product.

3. Don’t compete with your peers on spending, Compete on saving and investments;
It is sad that most of the youth this day compete with others seeking to wear the blinks and drive the flashy cars and the likes. What I can propose to you dear friends is to rather compete on how much of your wealth is working for you when you are asleep. There are only a few that would stay afloat with the blinks, or to tell you the sad truth the blinks and flashy cars are not going to stay for long.

Know this “as you are investing, know what your goals are, and work towards that”

Bonus; Don’t act on market noise, work with your intuition and always do your research.

You alone can grow your WORTH and can become whatever there is to become following these basic rules.

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