Frank Nii Okanta Ankrah — Be the light in your darkest hour

If you see your work out there how do you feel a follower quizzed Frank?

He said; whatever I have done already, I do not think about them anymore. I only think about things I am yet to do. Warren Buffet once said, “do not worry about what you did last year worry about what you are going to do this year” and I stick to that.

Frank has been up to the task and is working to build things that last a feat he had taken upon himself to do.

He went further to say, “One of the things that made me the person I have become the most It’s just me making sure that whatever that is impossible I should find ways to make it POSSIBLE and that is one of the key things that make my life”.

He built Clicxads and Buycryptosell and are already changing lives

He said; it is important to learn to make things easier for you by deciding to break things that are difficult to do first, this then gives you the power to move a bit faster.

It all boils down to you and you alone if you want to be there or create a niche then you must build a decisive trend. Set goals and achieve them make sure you are focused.

I can say for a fact frankly that the past year 2019 was the most difficult one I became so lonely and as it is said, it is only in your darkest time that you must learn to become the light.

Can I say I came out to be the light, well that is for the masses to say, but for me, I am just about setting off!

And lastly, you must dedicate and grow your passion when you become the light and this is to shine keep shinning and never stop shinning.

Follow Frank to learn how he did it on all social media handles with the name Frank Nii Okanta Ankrah.



Determined to Be your favorite.

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