Primereum finalizes PRM implementation and integration

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4 min readJul 30, 2021

The development team of the Primereum Ecommerce, EcoSystem is excited to announce the implementation of the Primereum token, better known as PRM token into the Eco System’s platform.

The Primereum Marketplace is one of the main functions of the Primereum Eco System. Retail and Wholesale merchants can list items to sell on the Primereum Marketplace and can be paid in CryptoCurrency.
Presently Primereum accepts around 30 different Cryptocurrencies.
According to the Primereum roadmap, the plan is to accept the top 100 Cryptocurrencies by the end of this year, 2021.

The founder’s note
“My vision for Primereum has always been to help unite people all around the world, so they can do business with each other without the restrictions of borders or because they are a part of the billions of unbanked people around the world.

The purpose of creating the Primereum platform's ecosystem was to open up opportunities for people all around the world, allowing members to do business with each other. Anyone who has access to the internet can have an online business within the Primereum Eco System. The people of the world should be free to earn a living, feed their families, and achieve their dreams. Cryptocurrency is the answer to the issue of world poverty and the unbanked. My long term vision is to create what will become the hub for all cryptocurrencies, to come together joining all communities together in one place, doing business with each other, regardless of what your favorite cryptocurrency is, what your culture is, or where you are located on the earth plane.
Over time we plan to continue adding more accepted currencies to the ecosystem as our membership base grows.”

A list of accepted currencies can be found here:

The Primereum Ecosystem has a suite of four tokens that are anchored to the value of gold, which creates a stable environment for its members, retail merchants, and business owners. Presently, the Primereum Fuel token, known as PMF token, is anchored to 1 gram of gold value.

Over time, the tokens within the full suite with higher denominations of anchored gold values will be activated as the demand for higher denominations is required.

The Primereum Ecosystem has 1 token, the PRM token that is the only token within the Primereum token suite that will be traded on external trading exchanges and will gain value over time as the Primereum Eco System becomes the world’s one-stop place for online eCommerce, business and remittances.

When members use the PRM token within the platform to pay fees, they automatically receive a 25% discount on the fee value. Fees can also be paid with the PMF token at the full fee rate.

In the Primereum Marketplace, when a retail merchant lists an item to sell, they are offered the option to pay the fees with a PMF token or PRM token.

If the member selects to pay the fees with a PMF token the fee is paid at the time that the transaction is completed. The fee of 2.5% of the listed item value is taken from the retail merchant's amount when their funds are released from the Primereum Escrow system.

Primereum’s ecosystem tokens

If the member selects to pay the fees with a PRM token the member must have enough PRM tokens within their Primereum platform wallet to cover the fee at the time of creating the listing. When the listing is created and confirmed, the value of the PRM token required to pay the fee is taken from the merchant's PRM wallet balance and held in escrow till the transaction is completed. The fee of 1.875% of the listed item value, is paid with PRM tokens when the merchant's funds are released from the Primereum Escrow system at the time the transaction is completed.

The PRM token can be used by the members to pay fees at a discounted rate, for all functions within the platform.

PRM tokens will be listed on several trading exchanges at the listing price of $1.00.

The PRM token can be purchased via the Primereum Website as a private sale opportunity before the token is listed on exchanges.

To pre-purchase the PRM token visit:

Use the referral code: PRM2021

Members of Primereum can also purchase PRM tokens from within their account, via the Primereum Fuel store.

Register on the Primereum platform today:

List of accepted currencies:
The PRM token White Paper:

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Primereum White Paper: