Problems are the price we pay for an opportunity — Nawaf

  • Nawaf Abd Writes daily a life changing nugget to his following on Facebook. It is so good how he timeously puts the words together seeking to make his words sink in to the deepest parts of a man’s soul. We are going to share a nugget he uploaded this morning. Enjoy….

Good day!

Today let us all look at how to Pay The Price For Your Dreams!

In real life, victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay for the price. And risk is the price we pay for an opportunity. Problems are the price we pay for success. Your dreams won’t come true, if you are not willing to pay the price.

It will mean increasing your productivity, being extra observant and noting little details others overlook. Every detail adds up. Your greatest desire, ambition, will not be accomplished by relaxing in your comfort zone and taking it easy all the time. You have to face the giants and challenges of your life depending on God. Don’t refuse to step up. Go the extra mile and pay the price for your dreams. Like the keys of the piano, always remember to achieve harmony with the alignment of your spiritual, physical, financial, career and social life.

They must also resonate with God’s statutes. Make quality decisions by not basing your choices on impulse, misinformation and guesswork, in getting the job done. DO NOT be comfortable, there isn't any easy way to success, there is NO SHORTCUT, You have to WORK-HARD, DO NOT STAY COMFORTABLE! You will do anything but don't stop moving! Build your dreams! Avoid easy way outs, as it can destroy you! Choose a path God wants you to be on!

May God help us to work smart to hit our target because free meat can only be found in a mousetrap. Have a fruitful working week in God’s presence. God bless you!




Determined to Be your favorite.

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Determined to Be your favorite.

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