The Brain Mutator — Ms Finesse Inyang

In a world full of opportunities, Love for entrepreneurship has gone from being the male thing to be the gender thing, you wake up to see both male and female competing for the same sales and same client. This has also moved the radar from the world been ruled by only men to a world ruled by gender. Where the man is seen competing with the woman for the same position and the same project.

Gone were the days when entrepreneurship has been the thing for the middle and the old aged men, citizens of the world had seen a total change from what used to be to what is supposed to be.

A Youth is supposed to have been with the parent till the age marriage and thus is then called a grown fellow or he/she has come of age. This has been a famous actor in Africa and has till this day been a practice.
But with the advent and introduction of technology, many of the African youth have taken it upon themselves to challenge the status quo. Gradually there have been a number of success stories in this regard.

We can talk of Faith Titus a great Nigerian youth who with the use of Technology is changing the lives of so many in her country, thus we can say of Nawaf Ibn Abdullah of eBitcoinics, we can also talk of Mr Abdul Salam Mahamadu who is using technology to change the life of a whole community in Ghana.

We can mention so many success stories but this is all done with only a few use cases for the African woman, as the trends have shown that the African woman has been in the forefront yet it is nothing to write home about. Yet still, we are progressively hitting and making the kind of change that is needed even with the few we have.

Whatever brought this change has made the world a better place to be, we see so many women it the world today doing so well to make these world a better place to be in.

Not seeking to take the shine away from the newest gem on the radar, we seek to introduce to you the goddess of entrepreneurship Miss Finesse Inyang.

She was born on the 28th day of October 1998, at Annang, of the Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, and yes a proud Nigerian. A student NIGER DELTA UNIVERSITY from the Department of History and Diplomacy.

A serial Entrepreneur, A Model with Queen Gold Kakeyere Agency, Investor, Coach, She is an Artist Manager and the founder of FIP INC. FIP INC. is set to launch the first phase of its project in 2019, with products ranging from FIP Wrist and Feet Guard.

One major fear she always faces in Africa and as a woman is, Africa still lives with the mindset that women are not expected to explore just like the men do. And also many of them been looked down upon, not because she wishes to promote gender equality agenda but to help and to tell the world that the African woman is capable to support the African man to provide the kind of change the African continent needed.

She always wished that the African woman is guarded and given the total support so they can make an impact, in politics, Economic growth, and life as a whole and should be respected.

Just like Bill Gates her dream for the African continent is to see it as the Best in all sectors, this she calls a total overhaul of what is now and that the African needs to embrace technology in order to accelerate the growth we seek.
Even though she is already making headway in the entrepreneurship world she Aspires to be a great and relevant Role model in Africa and the world at large.

On the use of technology she usually says we are in the days where everything you do is affected by technology and this is the time to embrace and make good use of it to accelerate the African growth. She mentioned the Rwandan situation where great innovations are springing up to make the Rwandan state the China of Africa.

We are at the crossroads and this is the time to hit the ground rolling if we sit down and watch we may end up becoming an obsolete continent.

It is indeed the truth that if you give the right tool to the youth and the woman they will reproduce to the amusement of many.

fip mall

FIP INC. will be going live soon and you can access their products right after the launch, FIP is ready to leverage the use of technology to hasten sales and also an advertisement and on the mode of payment for good s and services FIP is readily awaiting to receive payments with cryptocurrency.

We are using cryptocurrency as one of our mode of payments because we do know that it is a super trust-based payment gateway it also comes with swift transaction confirmation with less transaction cost.




Determined to Be your favorite.

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