It is said there are times you will be dented to show who you really are. Stories of Good people dragged in the mud due to some failures in their life has been in the eyes of the public since the inception of time. There used to be men who out of their own will did good to the society and later for just a little wrong move they had been dented and history has it that many went to their early graves because of that.

There were men who went beyond their own might to make people feel comfortable, make them look good in the eyes of poverty and gave them hope to overcome it, yet these same men came back to pay the good-doer with evil.
We look to profile the embattled Mr Kwaku Damete Kumi, the CEO of GCCH group.

Kwaku Damete Kumi

The first day the author of this article heard about cryptocurrency was through a Nawaf Abd that was on facebook. Later I had to read more about it when Mr Kumi had shared a write-up on Facebook for his followers. The writeup made me go closer to read on cryptocurrency and since then I had not backed down in the quest to discover more about Cryptocurrencies.

It was all joy when he had to come down from the United Kingdom just to run a series of workshops on the subject. His time was filled with lots of pieces of training.

He was not short of Philanthropy, the first time the Author got or received a Satoshi worth of Bitcoin was through Mr Kumi. At the time a coin was going for little over $100. If I could recall clearly I received 0.043296 BTC, which was at the time worth $12+. This was the first day I got the soon to be LEGAL TENDER OF THE INTERNET.

He was a generous man and had been that till today. Somewhere in 2016, he announced the creation of his own personal project the GCCH, which seeks to trade for investors and to pay a monthly premium to all men who invested with the company. But prior to this, he had tried other projects, KDK TRADE SOLUTIONS which led to the setting up of the first cryptocurrency office in Ghana in the year 2015, also had to become one of the Global ambassadors for Cryptocurrency on the African Continent. He did influential presentations for the general public, free pieces of training and promoted some cryptocurrencies of the time, Bitcoin, GCR, Doge, and other crypto-related projects and investment firms.

A chat between Kwaku Damete Kumi and The Author in 2015

He was one of the major industry players that helped the creation of the soon to be launched CRYPTOCURRENCY E-COMMERCE platform COINXION/TREOS. He was a founding member of the Giftobit cryptocurrency charity project.
Kwaku Damete Kumi never backed out whenever there was a setback and he went further to start his own successful cryptocurrency project the GCCH which saw the creation of the first successful cryptocurrency ever created in Africa. At the time he was the talk of the town many loved his generosity. And many wished he had dolled out more on them.

Kwaku Damete Kumi giving out A Brand New Kantanka K71

GLOBAL COIN COMMUNITY HELP (GCCH) was a community of like-minded people all over the world with a simple task to help each other. It was an idea evolved to unite people to help each other financially in this unfair financial apocalypse. The project gave you a basic platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to find those who need help and those who are ready to Provide Help at no cost. We believe in participants helping each other to reach a common goal; FINANCIAL FREEDOM. This is a purely peer to peer system and though we guarantee that your help request will be granted, we, however, don’t give any time-frame of when it will be granted. We strategically aim to achieve sustainability by promoting the country and local leadership worldwide.

gcch logo

And thus, GCCH did fulfil its mandate to the latter, the project had over 100,000 clients which are served over the 3 year period it was in existence and it really did survive the test of time. Apart from this project, he went further to provide pieces of training and was not short of his core mandate. With the sharing of latest Kantanka vehicles and Laptops to those who were less deserving, yet they received it from him with no strings attached. In the end, some good things do not last and surely GCCH the once well paying project had to hit the halt button as Regulators raised false alarms on the company and had taken some legal actions against it.

After September 2018, there was a public outcry which saw a similar project Menzgold halting its activities over allegations of fraud and this then forced the company which was then operating in the Blockchain cryptocurrency space to switch the payment system from fiat to cryptocurrency which will then help the company stay in business whilst it works to get requisite regulations to back the company.

GCR coin was then resulted to as the quick to get to cryptocurrency so it was adopted as quickly as possible as payment gateway to clients instead of Fiat (GHC). This was the same time when GCR price made some appreciation and was very healthy as all members were able to gain returns and some profits on what they were paid by the company. The fad hit the market, there were rumours the company was going to end us in the gutters. Customers have begun to sell their coins, those which was received as the monthly premium was placed for sale at any price possible. Those who sold were never professional traders neither were they crypto intellectuals they were just noobs, yes noobs who were just introduced to the crypto-economy during a major tsunami.

Mass media just bought in the fad and just before anything nothing was going to be done again. All there was to the issue was to have the project halt, the government had to shut the company down. Investor funds locked up, now LEGALITIES take the front stage.

The yesterday good man becomes a today FRAUDSTER.

How do you act when you hear the bad sides of the story and never heard of the good side. How did you take it? Did you take it light or you had to cry in your closet? Many men would have died and never would have woken to see the day.

A friend sent to him a please comeback note and this is what he had to say;

Hi Kwaku,

Whenever I look back at my 4.5 years journey with GCR your name spontaneously almost always pops up in my mind. The reason is simple — you’ve made a memorable contribution and created amazing milestones in this journey.
You have been the biggest driver of the GCR price without a doubt. Trust me when I say that you bring hope to so many people around the world.
Honestly, I do not know at what point and for what reasons differences cropped between Dan and you but I have always believed that you were and you still are a very important part of the GCR journey. Whenever the chips were down you came and performed, bringing hope to so many of us. Be it the initial trading volume on Bittrex or the crowdfunding for Coinxion, you were always the numero uno!
I do hope that you guys will soon understand and appreciate the power of teamwork. Accusing one another of running Ponzi schemes (GCCH, GiftoBit, etc.) will serve no purpose at all. What’s important to realize that you guys have been part of this common goal of creating value for the GCR holders. So, we need to go beyond this ego tussle and continue to support one another for the Bigger Goals. I wish and hope the best for you as well as Daniel.
To me, it’s been an emotional journey (and for so many of us as well!). I started with GCR when I was down and out but I slowly grew big in these 4.5 years, both financially as well as thought wise. In this roller coaster ride, even after so many hiccups, I still believe in it and I think we all are destined to make it Super Big.
Kwaku, my appeal to you is that you must stick with us as always and be the leader in GCR that you always have been. It hurts to see the coin perform so badly. Unfortunately, your lesser interest in the coin as well as in the project backed by an immense delay caused this hopelessness. But I know somewhere deep you do feel the emotional connect and it’s your divine calling to take care of this coin by acting as it’s the leader that you’ve always been.
I do believe TREOS is a blessing for GCR and but the delay is hurting the market sentiment of this coin, which can badly impact GCR.
Kwaku, I expect and I want you to take the lead and design a strategy to bring the respect back to the coin. I don’t say that it should straight trade at 1 USD but its high time that it should at least hover around 10 cents. At least that will keep the sentiment high and the hopes alive.

Regarding the GCR price, please design a working strategy and define roles for key leaders to make it practically viable. My suggestion is to start with community building and content creation for GCR in the form of blog posts, videos, etc. Subsequently, we can get the new entrants to understand the possibilities with the coin as a result of TREOS, resulting in genuine buying and accumulation for GCR.
Bro, I hope you will pay heed to my suggestions/concerns and do something about it.


Ajay yes was part of the team that saw his rise and his deeds, Ajay actually did know who Kwaku was when the whole revolution began in Africa. So are we those who were nurtured by him, his philanthropy had been phenomenal and we indeed do know one day he will overcome this just like TIGER WOODS did and will come out with bigger wins and better than what has been there.

Kwaku makes a donation in South African School
Payment of 49,000.00 Rand to Umlazi Community School

In the good book (the Bible), we saw how a treasurer named Judas betrayed his master and then sent him to his early grave. We may want to add that to this story, It so happened that one man who was to hold most of Mr. Kumi’s funds the fund that has been used as basic SUPPORT for the GCCH’s Traded token the GCCHDcoin had been spent without the knowledge of the Kwaku, this same Judas was able to DUMP the Withheld amount of GCCHDcoin volume on Mr Kwaku and this was the main reason the fall of the price of coin from whatever it was to 0. The ENEMY was within he was fighting with his friend so he could not rise. In the process, an estimated 20 BTC/250,000GCCH was used to crash the once vibrant project and the demise was bigger than we all envisaged.

There were other projects that GCCH had ventured in to promote and thence had invested in waiting for its launch once the launch is done that will also give more liquidity to the GCCH project. Same as the work of Judas they betrayed the Kwaku who supported them and he lost so well a fortune from there. This also happened just like a coordinated attack so his Image and finances will be brought to the cleaners.

Yes, they did and won, they had been able to succeed.

But once a man goes down does not mean he is doomed, even in the dark days a man with so much light in him will surely shine.

fallen Traffic Light in Ghana (cc: myjoyonline)

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