The friend who became a foe — chapter 2

When Prosper Njoku wrote his comment to the post A friend who became a foe. It rekindled my thoughts to bring the second chapter of this story.

kwaku damete kumi (KDK) has created a fire that will forever be on the lampstand and can never be quenched.

He was and is the only man that single-handedly brought millions to many African homes except I. And I do this as an outsider looking at what he did for the masses.

We’ve been told lately by close friends of things that ensued and why he was now seen as the villain, and we are going to focus on one.

In 2017, when bitcoin saw its spike it gained traction and major recognition and many wanted to know about it.

The best place to learn from is the place you first heard it from, people trooped to listen in on the seminars that were solely funded by him as this is also a way to sell the product his team has and also to assure the world of other projects he had invested in and thinks will bring so much light to the African once they are launched. He saw from afar light when darkness was brewing around him unknowingly.

You know one funny thing Judas did to Christ was to sell him out thinking doing so will cease what was about to happen.

Indeed for a period it worked, he succeeded and was able to get the man hanged on the cross, little did he know that once you cut off a tree without uprooting it, you have rather given it breath to reshape and come out stronger than it looked before.

Our Judas got in touch with the Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, and the Sanhedrin and brought all these groups together to pull the man down. History has it that these groups never saw eye to eye, but his plan worked and they won at one instance, then the public outcry came.

Crucify him, they sung over and over in the streets, the hallways, the theatres and the then Social media platforms (if there was one then).

Judas must be a great man because he won, a great man because he was able to pull down the one and only man who is about to bring liberation to Isreal and the generation after.

Little did Judas know that the Christ had with him 11 other solid leaders that will do much than he could do himself. As it is said, “If you want to go faster go alone, but if you want to go faster go with people who understand your plan and are ready to fight with you even in your absence.”

I have a confession, the days when the case for crucifixion came I acted just like Peter, I denied the man who held my hand and taught me what bitcoin is. I had to curse people just to run for my life. I will one day walk to him and tell him I am sorry for that.

Little did Judas know that whatever he earned after the sale of Christ was going to be used to purchase a piece of land for his burial.
To cover a lie one must lie, Judas did same he was not ready, to tell the truth, so he went further to lie his way to the end. And he was buried.
His burial was so bad that many did not go near him, neither was he brought to the public to wail him. How sad will a man end up?

Enough of the Judas thing, now we will share with you a note written to us by a friend of our foe, as he told the world the little he knew about him.

That name will never cease to be a sensational phenomenon in my life. Kwaku no matter whatever anyone has seen him as, and not minding what the public perception about him is now, will always remain a mentor. Aside, my spiritual fathers, no man has ever influenced my life positively the way Kwaku did — I learnt at least, how to take a risk. I don’t care how much I lost in GCCH or any platform Kwakwu developed or promoted, I’d still be willing to do more with him. Today, I have ventured into so many projects, some are now part of the mainstream in IT/Blockchain and application development. The losses in GCCH weren’t entirely his fault — the problem with Africans is that we always find someone/something to blame for everything that happened. Kwaku took all the blames with open-mind.
That’s leadership, he trusted a lot of ‘witchcraft-driven’ leaders. Men & Women whose greed, gluttony and love of money didn’t allow the visionary leader to execute his plans. I sat down with Kwaku on a very few occasions and saw an African worth emulating — he wasn’t just result-oriented, he was entrepreneurial.
I was once trusted with a huge asset he owned and I returned it ALL back to him when he asked for it. At least, even if I didn’t make money from Kwaku’s programs, it introduced me to teachings and practices my 4-year university years couldn’t afford. I’m sure he must have taken his Mavrodi teachings a little unorthodox, but I’m certain that one day, every wrong will be reconciled. Unfortunately, he’s been treated as a criminal — especially in a time when his true supporters are down financially. I have personally been through a lot of trauma because I marketed his projects, but LET IT BE KNOWN THAT KWAKU NEVER INTENDED ’SCAM’ AS A MISSION FROM THE ONSET.


Let it be known that Kwaku never intended ‘scam’ as a mission from the onset.

Twitter feed

Now it is proper to go back to the Judas story to conclude this chapter.
Before the Lord was crucified he told his follower, Mr Peter Bar Jonah, to take care of His flock, a flock he so wished to have nurtured and sought over for a long period. A flock which he had great plans for he even told Peter that he is to take over as his right-hand man and whatever shots he will call it will be seen as good and supported.

As an appointed time is coming when he will get to bring joy to those who are weary because of his departure. Oh yes, Christ left some days after his death to prepare better things for them who will follow till the end.

Disciples were born from good deeds, hardened enemies were also born during the same time.

Disturbing enough to note, a conversation ensued where a discussion about what happened and how it has shaped the future of Kwaku’s life. A follower asked about the motives for which our Judas took those steps to betray his master or Lord.

Then the answer came;

I have no anger towards him for what he did. He just made a mistake, which has cost everyone a lot, especially those who have lost their Crypto.
But in the end, all will work out the way it is meant to be.

Good always wins over evil.

One thing is for sure, the traffic light has 3 different colours. There is one that tells you to stop relax take your time and rethink your journey, the next tells you to get ready to bring your thoughts to action, and green tells you everything you sought to do focus and victory will be yours.




Determined to Be your favorite.

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